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Re: 2020 Bowl SZN
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Completely agree. Fields isn't a perfect prospect at all, but there is plenty to work with, and if our offensive coaches think they can get the best out of his ability, let's go. Same with Wilson.

DeVonta Smith would be an awful pick at 2. I see Dolphins fans I know that are excited they could get him at 3. I hope they get him at 3. He's a very good prospect, but I would not take a skinny receiver that high in the draft, especially when JaMarr Chase is still a better prospect IMO.

Sewell I could maybe buy at 2, but it's a little tougher to swallow after drafting Becton last year. The positional value isn't what it normally would be.

Always value in top end OTs, you need two. I know it's a long time ago, but we drafted OTs #1 in 1977 and 1978, we had a killer O-line all the way to the mid 80s. Obviously no free agency then, but it made the QBs, WRs, RBs, everyone better. Richard Todd was drafted in 1976, similar situation to Darnold, and struggled badly until the line got in place.
So it turns out, Italian Seafood was right an everyone can go freak themselves.