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--- Quote from: bojanglesman on January 11, 2023, 03:47:49 AM ---Vince sold WWE to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund?

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Apparently this was just BS. What is true is Vince forced himself back on the board and his daughter resigned. Money is thicker than blood. (this could be a WWE PPV name)

d sw0rdz:

--- Quote from: Badger on January 11, 2023, 06:21:30 AM ---They should merge with LIV and then maybe golf will be watchable.

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i would fvcking lose it every time i saw stories about how pga loyal players were throwing hissy fits at other golfers who chose to sign contracts for tons of money with some arabs in a golf market where they literally do not owe any exclusivity to the gpa. we get it the saudis suck, but the political posturing was fvcking insane. 'yeah here are some 9/11 family members we're going to telecast whose real life losses we will manipulate to further our own cause, but trust us signing for a ton of money with saudis is a bad thing'

also, it shouldn't have been news because nobody fvcking cares


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