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Lol, I just won with the following team I drafted 10 Team League PPR, QB gets 4 pts. per TD and 1 per 25 passing yards: It's legit, I am not freaking with you guys.

QB: Cam Newton   (7)
RB: Todd Gurley  (2)
RB: Kareem Hunt   (9)
WR: Antonio Brown (1)
WR: Jarvis Landry  (5)
TE: Jordan Reed   (4)
D: Panthers
K: Blair Walsh
Flex: Amari Cooper (3)
Bench: Doug Martin  (11)
Bench: Marvin Jones  (13)
Bench: Jrdan Matherws (12)
Bench: Marqise Lee   (14)
Bench: Brandon Marshall  (8)
Bench: Tevin Coleman  (10)
Bench: Rob Kelley (6)

This was my draft, I subsequently picked up Jo-Jo Schuster, Jack Doyle, Carson Wentz, Greg Zuerlein, and the Rams defense.

During the playoffs, (2 games each of 2 rounds, highest total wins) I lost Zuerlein (#1 Kicker), Brown (#1 WR), Wentz (#2 QB), Gurley (#1 RB for last game) and couldn't play Hunt (#4 rb) because I thought they were going to sit him.
I still won the league handily.

 Nobody cares


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I know and don't care.


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You cared enough to post it.



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