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Really need a win in this league and i'm kinda fucked with matchups this week.


Pick 2 :
- Powell vs Pitt
- Bell @ Jets
- Fitzgerald @ San Fran (playing with hurt hamstring, bad matchup)
- Zac Stacy @ Houston
- Tavon Austin @ Houston

Powell i'm probalby gonna play. keep going back on forth on the Flex..... I know Jets are dominate against run D but i think sheer volume and passes out of the back field, along with a lucky goal line carry @ the 1 or something might be the play. Jizz rodgers somehow scored 2 tds against us, so it's not impossible. Normally i'd just ride with Fitz but the last time i played him with a bum ham he was basically a decoy and left the game early. He's also had shitty numbers vs san fran the past 3 years

Stacy is tempting because he'll get a lot of the carries and Houston run D has taken a hit but i don't think he's really a pass catching back.

Powell is risky because of Ivory and Goodson's expanded role.

If we have a lead though

Phillip Tanner


--- Quote from: 624 on October 11, 2013, 09:50:41 PM ---Powell is risky because of Ivory and Goodson's expanded role.

If we have a lead though

--- End quote ---

he got a couple of goal line carries, he just couldn't get in the end zone. he still was the lead back carrying r egardless

Goodson is a bigger threat than Ivory because Ivory doesn't catch he's never there on third down

Made two adjustments to my starting lineup this morning.
1. Replaced Larry Fitzgerald with Steve Smith
2. Replace Matt Stafford with RG3

Both moves were atrocious. If RG3 does not get 3 points (in a very QB friendly league) in the 4th I will be pissed


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